YES! For Lexington. Support Our Town, Our Schools, Our Future.

Yes for Lexington is the official campaign to bring Lexington voters together to support the passage of a debt exclusion in May.

YES For Lexington Campaign Committee

Kathleen Lenihan, Co-chair

Nicola Rinaldi, Co-chair

Lisa Farrell, Treasurer

Rachel Harrington, Fundraising Co-chair

Gretchen Reisig, Fundraising Co-chair

Christina Lin, Communication Co-chair

Kim Ryan, Outreach Co-Chair

Jen Vogelzang, Outreach Co-Chair

Sherry Zhu, Outreach Co-Chair

Becky Barrentine, Field Co-Chair

Alix Fox, Field Co-Chair

Stephanie Mitzenmacher, Field Co-Chair

Bettina McGimsey, Volunteer Coordinator

Nancy C. Cowen, Graphic Designer

JJ Krawczyk, Webmaster