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Fire Station HeadquartersVIDEO TOUR

  • Built in 1946 and designed for a town with 14,500 residents calling for 650 responses/year.
  • Today, Lexington has 32,000 residents calling for 3,600 responses/year (over five times the original demand).
  • Floor was engineered for smaller and lighter equipment, it cannot hold the weight of modern apparatus.
  • Crew quarters are inefficient and do not meet current fire safety standards.
  • Inadequate space for Administration, Fire Prevention Office, training, equipment decontamination and cleaning.
  • Building is “obsolete and dysfunctional” according to 2012 Fire Department Staffing Study.
  • Apparatus floor is structurally failing. Structural cribbing has been added as a stopgap (see picture above).
  • Size of modern equipment far exceeds 1947 design, making parking and storage a daily struggle.
  • Basement leaks and floods.
  • Fire Prevention Office housed in a trailer in parking lot.
  • Fitness training equipment is set up in apparatus bays next to (often contaminated) turn-out gear.
  • Some fire-fighting equipment must be stored outside due to lack of space.

New Fire Station Headquarters

  • More than double the square footage of existing station—25,134 sq. ft. versus 11,841 sq. ft.
  • All equipment housed inside.
  • Vastly improved training and fitness facilities—both indoor and outdoor—to support our first responders.
  • Appropriate spaces for Administration, Fire Prevention Office, and crew quarters.
  • Temporary Fire Station needed during construction.
  • Sustainability: large roof-top solar array, energy-efficient systems and building materials.
  • Total cost: $22 million.



YES For Lexington  |   Lisa Farrell, Treasurer
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