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Lexington Children's PlaceVIDEO TOUR

  • Provides state-mandated services in an inclusionary environment for children with special needs: social/emotional, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy.
  • Additional services for children needing therapies but not qualified to attend the preschool.
  • Occupies four classrooms in Harrington Elementary (2005) and two classrooms in Central School Administration Office (aka “Old Harrington”, 1956). Teachers must walk a 600’ outdoor path between them.
  • Insufficient space for required services.
  • Expansion into “Old Harrington” is severely limited by out-dated condition of building, and renovating Old Harrington would not be cost-effective.
  • This expansion was never intended as a permanent solution for LCP.

New Lexington Children's Place

  • Unite all programing in a single building designed for preschool students with special needs.
  • Construction at 20 Pelham Road, adjacent to the Community Center.
  • Provide services to 50% more children, allowing for anticipated enrollment increases.
  • Reduce costly and inconvenient out-of-district placements for children with special needs.
  • Previous LCP space will help relieve existing overcrowding at Harrington Elementary.
  • Total cost: $14.9 to $15.3 million (due to potential additional siting costs).

YES For Lexington  |   Lisa Farrell, Treasurer
405 Waltham Street, PMB 165, Lexington, MA 02421