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As you may know, Lexington Public Schools are currently overcrowded and projections over the next five years show continued enrollment growth. Without added space, our elementary and middle schools will not be able to maintain the level of educational services offered today.

Over the past two years, the School Committee, along with other town committees, town staff, consultants, and architects, have worked to develop a set of fiscally responsible building projects to address rising enrollment and overcrowding in the elementary and middle schools.

What are the key projects?

  • CLARKE MIDDLE SCHOOL - Expansion and reallocation of existing space to address current overcrowding and meet space needs from five year forecast enrollment increase.
  • DIAMOND MIDDLE SCHOOL - Expansion and reallocation of existing space to meet space needs from five year forecast enrollment increase. Upgrade insufficient / outdated / ineffective HVAC.
  • STANDARD MODULARS - Six classroom-sized units to be equally distributed between Fiske, Bridge, and Bowman elementary schools to relieve overcrowding effects.
  • HASTINGS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - A new 30-classroom school, with construction costs likely to be reimbursed at least 32% by the state through MSBA funding.
  • POSSIBLE LAND ACQUISITION of the property at 20 Pelham Road for municipal or school use.

We anticipate two phases to finance these projects

Phase 1: An initial debt exclusion to fund middle school expansion projects, the addition of the six standard modulars, and pay for planning and design funds for the elementary and middle schools will be on May 3.

Phase 2: A second debt exclusion is anticipated to be presented to Lexington voters next year to fund construction of a new Hastings Elementary School and possible other projects.

In each phase, a loan would be taken by the town and paid through a temporary increase in property taxes known as a debt exclusion, which Lexington registered voters must approve.

The official ballot question

Here is the question that will appear on the May 3 ballot (from the Town Warrant):

QUESTION 1: Shall the Town of Lexington be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds issued in order to pay costs of (i) conducting master planning, design, renovation and additions to elementary and secondary school facilities, including the acquisition and installation of modular classrooms, and (ii) undertaking additions, remodeling, reconstructing and making extraordinary repairs to the Jonas Clarke and William Diamond Middle Schools, located at 17 Stedman Road and 99 Hancock Street, respectively, including the payment of costs of architectural and engineering services, original equipment and landscaping, paving and other site improvements incidental or directly related to such additions, remodeling, reconstruction or repair?

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