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Maria Hastings Elem. SchoolVIDEO TOUR

  • Built in 1955, this is the oldest school building still in use in Lexington.
  • 50,800 sq. ft., two-story building with 21 classrooms, including 8 modular classrooms—all of which have exceeded their useful lifespans.
  • Houses district-wide Intensive Learning Program for students on the autism spectrum; other special needs programming; ELL instruction for over 30 students.
  • 1950’s design complicates renovations (e.g. low ceilings), and severely impedes individualized and inclusionary instruction.
  • Individualized services and small group instruction rely on makeshift, windowless, and poorly ventilated spaces with limited privacy.
  • Nurse’s office was designed for one ill child; needs exceed available spavce.
  • Undersized gym (3,600 sq. ft.) has suffered repeated structural failures in ceiling beams.
  • Ice dams have caused flooding in 16 classrooms.
  • No sprinkler system.
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems do not meet current building code standards.
  • Bathrooms are not ADA compliant.

New Maria Hastings Elem. School

  • Approved by Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for replacement, with reimbursement of $16.5 million.
  • Three-story building with 30 classrooms, adding 9 new classrooms to help over-crowded system.
  • Construction co-located on current school property, with no interruptions in service.
  • Old school demolished and converted to play space.
  • Sustainability: Geo-thermal HVAC system, energy-efficient systems and building materials.
  • Total cost: $65.3 million.
  • Net cost to town: $48.8 million (after MSBA).



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