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Polling Locations

Note that Lexington has recently moved many polling locations, so your polling place may have changed. So please check the list below carefully.

If you are not sure where you vote, visit and enter your information to find your polling place. You can also call (781-862-0500 x270) or visit the Town Clerk’s office at 1625 Mass Ave, Lexington.

  • Precinct 1: School Administration Building, 146 Maple St (enter via 328 Lowell St driveway)
  • Precinct 2: Bowman School, 9 Philip Rd
  • Precinct 3: Lexington Community Center, 39 Marrett Rd
  • Precinct 4: Cary Memorial Building, 1605 Massachusetts Ave
  • Precinct 5: School Administration Building, 146 Maple St (enter via 328 Lowell St driveway)
  • Precinct 6: Cary Memorial Building, 1605 Massachusetts Ave
  • Precinct 7: Estabrook School, 117 Grove St
  • Precinct 8: Samuel Hadley Public Services Building, 201 Bedford St
  • Precinct 9: Maria Hastings School, 7 Crosby Rd

Ballot Question

This is the question that will appear on the May 3 ballot (from the Town Warrant):

QUESTION 1: Shall the Town of Lexington be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds issued in order to pay costs of (i) conducting master planning, design, renovation and additions to elementary and secondary school facilities, including the acquisition and installation of modular classrooms, and (ii) undertaking additions, remodeling, reconstructing and making extraordinary repairs to the Jonas Clarke and William Diamond Middle Schools, located at 17 Stedman Road and 99 Hancock Street, respectively, including the payment of costs of architectural and engineering services, original equipment and landscaping, paving and other site improvements incidental or directly related to such additions, remodeling, reconstruction or repair?

Can I vote in the election?

You can vote if you are registered to vote in Lexington by the registration deadline (20 days before the election). See the next section for details.

Registering to Vote

The voter registration deadline for the debt exclusion election has passed (Wednesday, April 13).

You can register to vote in Lexington if:

  • You are a citizen of the United States; and
  • You will be at least 18 years of age on or before the next election; and
  • You are a resident of Lexington; and
  • You are not currently incarcerated by reason of a felony conviction.

For more information see state’s Voter Registration Information page.

Check your voter registration

You can visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Elections and Voting page to check on your current registration status and to find your polling place.